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Nipple Balm

For calmed and cared-for nipples

Help for your big OUCH! Because nature has set up breastfeeding wonderfully – but has failed to deliver relief for nipples. But we do! Our Nipple Balm soothes and cools. It cares for dry and sensitive nipples.

  • without von mineral oil components, silicones und PEGs
  • vegan
  • without perfumes
  • certified natural cosmetics
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Dear Mum,
One of the main reasons for sore nipples is a false nursing technique. Please always make sure that a large area of your nipple is in your baby’s mouth and your baby’s lips stick out like a small fish. You should not set your baby on your nipple until you have taken a comfortable position yourself. Here it’s about mum first!
Maybe you lay back in a mountain of cushions to relax – a kind of mum throne. Then your baby comes to you and not the other way around. This makes nursing much more relaxed. The aloe vera in our Nipple Balm has a comfortably cooling effect, by the way, and helps to speed up the healing process for cracked skin areas thanks to its moisture.

Your tuju.care-Team


TUJU Nipple Balm

My midwife tip: Check your technique for setting up your baby during nursing. I’m happy to help you with this video:


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