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Feel-Good Body Lotion

For a relaxing yet fast care routine

Another five minutes alone in the bathroom are possible, aren’t they? And applying cream to yourself is also like loving yourself! So don’t go without our Feel-good Body Lotion! A nurturing, rich cream which support the natural function of your skin, strengthens your connective tissue, and improves the firmness and elasticity of your skin. It lowers any feelings of tension, prevents dryness and stretch marks.

  • without von mineral oil components, silicones und PEGs
  • vegan
  • certified natural cosmetics
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Dear Mum,
You’ve certainly already noticed that lotion has a rather cooling effect on your skin. Oils, in contrast, have a rather warming effect. Pregnant women are true power plants of nature. Even in the harshest winter, they can walk around with an open jacket or in a T-shirt. Many expecting mums often open the windows because they need fresh air. Our lotion will relieve your fire a bit and give you comfortable coolness.
Let a loving person in your life massage your legs with this lotion. With caressing movements in the direction of your heart, your lymph nodes are activated and water retention pushed out. By the way, frequent swimming helps to prevent oedemas, as the water pressure works like a compression stocking and stimulates expulsion.

Your tuju.care-Team



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