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Relaxing Shower Cream

For me-time that saves times

We say: a shower is also a time-out for parents. And with our Relaxing Shower Cream, we would like to give mums – and naturally dads too – time! It cleanses gently, has a soothing and caring effect. It protects skin from drying out and reduces tensions.

  • without von mineral oil components, silicones und PEGs
  • vegan
  • certified natural cosmetics
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Dear Mum,  
The moment we let warm water run over our back is absolutely wonderful – and when we rub in a comfortable-smelling shower cream. If you are someone who showers in the morning and has low blood pressure, end your personal care routine by showering your legs with hot and then cold water. You start with your right leg, and then your left leg, showering from bottom to top using lukewarm to cold water. Then you shower them using warm and then again with cold water.
Afterwards, vigorously wipe off both legs using a hand towel, which you have sprinkled with drops of rosemary oil. You will then be wide awake, and your blood circulation won’t leave you in the lurch anymore. Did you know that strong morning sickness can also be due to low blood pressure? For this reason alone, it pays off to take hot and cold showers, as a way to stabilize your blood circulation.

Your Kerstin


Happiness in the bathroom – and now in the shower.

by Charlotte Meentzen


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