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For a smoother C-section scar

Our Dermaroller – our special product for all (closed) scars like the scar from a C-section. Our Dermaroller supports the smoothness and elasticity of the scar. We not only want to help you take care of all your scars with this product – we also provide loving care for your birthing wound! Because every birth is unique! Even Caesarean ones!

  • without von mineral oil components, silicones und PEGs
  • vegan
  • without perfumes
  • certified natural cosmetics
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Dear Mum,
To dissolve adhesion in your connective tissue and make your scar nice and smooth, you should really care for it and give it a massage every day. Even if this is difficult for you at first. Some mothers hardly like looking at their C-section scar – not to speak of even touching it. But this is precisely what’s important for the development of your scar. Be proud of it! You gave life to a human being!
For the care of your scar, you only need a few minutes a day – and you’ll notice the results. Your scar will become softer and more elastic, and you probably won’t feel any pain anymore. For the best results, we recommend following our Dermaroller instructions. You can find them by scanning the QR code.

Your Kerstin


TUJU Dermaroller

My midwife tip: Take 2 to 3 minutes of time a day, twice a day, for using our Dermaroller. I’m happy to show you how in this video:

Many things need more time and patience to heal.

by Charlotte Meentzen


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