Nappy Bag Mum

The TUJU Nappy Bag set for pregnant women features the full-sized Stretch Mark Oil and Cleansing Face Gel products, trial samples of other TUJU products and informative material, including Meentchen, our unique little lucky charm which is hand-made by the Wichern-Werkstätten (WfbM)workshops as part of the Diakonie Dresden.

  • without von mineral oil components, silicones und PEGs
  • vegan
  • certified natural cosmetics
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I’m quite certain that these are the stories from real life – stories that every mother and father simply experience. Luckily, no real harm is done, so that everyone can look back on them a few years later with a smile.
Today, I recommend that my new mums have a small bag filled with nappies, a receiving blanket for spreading out and a flannel in a watertight bag with them at all times. We’re highly aware of the issue of sustainability and would like to consciously avoid the use of handy wipes. As an alternative, I recommend that the parents I support use the Aloe Spray from Charlotte Meentzen.
With this spray and a small flannel, you can cleanse little bottoms wonderfully while out and about. The flannel can then be simply thrown into the washing machine. Done! That’s all there is to it. The bag can be slipped into your own handbag or in the pram bag – no big fuss anymore. After all, many chemists and shops have now realised that they can make parents’ life easier by offering full-featured changing stations.


The TUJU Lucky Charm Project

Our Meentchen – a small, friendly lucky charm, hand-made with lots of love by the Wichern-Werkstätten (WfbM) workshops as part of the Diakonie Dresden. Each of our Meentchen dolls is one of a kind and comes with an unmistakable, universal design. With a cheeky look and a gently painted belly – and only genuine with the Charlotte Meentzen cloverleaf.

For a time full of happiness and anticipation.

by Charlotte Meentzen


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