Tummy Massage Oil
For a soft, relaxed tummy
14.90 € * / 30 ml
(Base price 496.67 € / 1l)

Dear parents,

Parenting can be hard! In the first few weeks of their life, babies often struggle with tummy ache. You can help prevent this with a relaxing tummy massage, applying this calming oil in circular movements.

My tip as a midwife is to warm up the nurturing oil in the palms of your hands and work it in using clockwise motions.

Relaxes and calms:
Nurturing rice bran oil and sesame oil, plus essential oils from star anise, coriander and cardamom support the soothing tummy massage.

Natrue Siegel für Natur Pur Balance Reinigungsgel
Emollient Bath Oil
For gentle and skin-friendly cleansing
11.90 € * / 100 ml
(Base price 119.00 € / 1l)

Dear parents,

Once the umbilical cord stump has fallen off and baby’s belly button has healed, it’s finally time for the first bath. From then on, twice a week, baby’s skin can benefit from water heated to 37ºC and 2–3 squirts of this mild, nurturing bath oil. Happy splashing in the tub!

My tip as a midwife is that your baby will usually feel tired after a bath, so evenings are the best time for it.

Cleans and relaxes:
This mild, replenishing bath oil gently cleans and cares for baby’s skin. With rice bran oil and chamomile flower extract, it maintains the natural moisture level.

Natrue Siegel für Natur Pur Balance Reinigungsgel
Nappy Barrier Cream
For optimal protection against soreness
16.90 € * / 75 ml
(Base price 225.33 € / 1l)

Dear parents,

In the first few years of life, the sensitive skin of your child’s bottom is often covered by a nappy, which prevents the circulation of fresh air. This nappy cream both cares for the skin and protects it against moisture. It has a preventive effect against redness and inflammation, especially during the night when the nappy is changed less often.

My tip as a midwife is to wash baby’s bottom with warm water between changes and treat it to an air bath.

Protects and soothes:
This nappy barrier cream with the DEFENSIL®-PLUS formula nurtures and soothes baby’s delicate skin and protects it against redness and soreness.

Natrue Siegel für Natur Pur Balance Reinigungsgel
cold and windy Weather Cream
For protected baby skin in cold temperatures
14.90 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 298.00 € / 1l)

Dear parents, 

Baby’s delicate skin needs extra care in the cold winter months as it is yet to develop the natural layer of sebum that protects it against cold, wet and windy weather. That’s where our cold and windy weather cream comes in, containing substances that nurture the skin while also stopping it from drying out.

My tip as a midwife is to apply the cold and windy weather cream 30 minutes before any outdoor activities, for optimal protection. In strong sunlight, use a product with a sun protection factor.

Protects and nurtures:
This nurturing cream is easy to smooth in. Thanks to the well tolerated oils and extract of sea buckthorn berry, it protects baby’s skin even if the weather is rainy, cold and wet.

Natrue Siegel für Natur Pur Balance Reinigungsgel
Sensitiv Body Butter
For soothed, cared-for baby skin
15.90 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 318.00 € / 1l)

Dear parents,

I often say that every touch makes your baby a little smarter. And certainly happier. That’s because physically touching babies creates new synaptic connections in their brain and shows them that they are safe and loved. When you treat yourself and your child to plenty of physical contact and massages, our great body butter is a real help.

My tip as a midwife is to warm the body butter in your hands first,then massage it in using the Indian baby massage technique.

Nurtures and relaxes:
This rich body butter with the DEFENSIL®-PLUS formula even moisturises skin that is prone to neurodermatitis, soothing it and strengthening its natural protective function.

Natrue Siegel für Natur Pur Balance Reinigungsgel
Nappy Bag Baby
49.90 € * / 150 ml
(Base price 332.67 € / 1l)

Our TUJU Nappy Bag contains two of our full-sized SOS products for both you and your baby for the time after giving birth: the Nipple Balm helps for your big OUCH! Because nature has set up breastfeeding wonderfully – but has failed to deliver relief for nipples. But we do! Our Nipple Balm soothes and cools. It cares for dry and sensitive nipples.

Our Nappy Barrier Cream helps your baby when its bottom suddenly becomes red. The cream soothes the soreness, fosters the regeneration of the skin and prevents redness. Featuring zinc oxide, camomile flower extract, bisabolol, Defensil® Plus (complex of the active ingredients black current seed oil, balloon vine / heartseed, and sunflower seed oil concentrate), avocado and sesame seed oil. 

What’s more, each of our products features a QR code which you can scan to gain additional helpful tips from our TUJU midwife Kerstin Lüking.

We’ve also added some samples to the Nappy Bag for trying out additional products. As well as a flyer from our friend, the paediatrician, who dedicates her courses to the topic of first aid for babies and children.
Find more information at www.TUJU.care

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